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Do you have an English text that needs to be translated into Lithuanian? In that case, I'm here to help you.

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My name is Kornelija

My mission is to deliver the highest quality English to Lithuanian translations. To do that, I believe it's paramount to never stop learning and improving my skills. I understand that in today’s market, finding a trustworthy professional translator can be a challenge. Especially when deadlines are tight, but accuracy and quality are crucial. My goal is to help reflect the values of your project or brand and contribute to the success of your business.


I specialize in the translation of business, marketing, e-commerce, and IT texts.

But that's not all! I can proofread or edit your Lithuanian copy or be a part of your project that's looking for a Lithuanian linguist.

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Would you like to...

Have a professional translator on your team?

Although in Lithuania anyone can work as a translator (there are no regulations), it's important to find a professional translator that knows ins and outs of this field.

I have a BA in English philology and translation. Besides, I'm constantly investing in learning more about the field of translation and my specializations.

Be sure that your text sounds as if it was written in Lithuanian?

Translation isn't only about transferring the words of a source language into the target language.

If you need your text to sound natural to the Lithuanian reader, choose a translator that takes into account cultural nuances, expressions, local market issues and adapts the text to the culture of the target audience.

Get the translation on time every time?

We all know how important deadlines are. If the translator doesn't deliver on time, the whole project might get on hold.

One thing you probably didn't know about me is that I'm an expert at time management, so I can assure you that you will get the translations on time, every time.

Work with a flexible, reliable, and friendly linguist?

Yes, stuff happens. Things change. And you probably need a linguist that understands that, right?

If there're some changes, just drop me a message and I'll be sure to adjust the final text to your needs.

Actually, you can message me even if you just want someone friendly to talk to!


”I've tried more than 5 different translators and been disappointed with all of them. Kornelija does her job with all her heart. She paid attention not only to my needs as a client but also to the specifics of the brand. I wouldn't call Kornelija a translator. I think she does much more than that. I honestly recommend her.

THANK YOU very much, Kornelija. I'm looking forward to a long-term partnership.”

Aurelija Pultinavičienė
EQhub, founder

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